Inside the catacombs beneath Beryl's ruined castle, a light appeared then immediately disappeared, leaving behind ten figures cloaked in shadow. "Let's move," Cyclops said quietly.

They moved single file through the silent tunnels, Prince Endymion and Eternal Sailor Moon taking the lead. They had traversed these ruins once before, Endymion as a brainwashed slave of Metallia, Sailor Moon as she sought to escape the castle's collapse after defeating Queen Beryl. Both silently suppressed the anger they each felt toward the former rulers of this stone rubble.

The group moved through one winding passage after another. Most of them lost all sense of their direction after only two minutes in the still, dead halls, but the Prince of Earth and the Princess of the Moon led them on, never hesitating.

Wolverine, however, followed with avid interest as they climbed higher into the castle. He suddenly unsheathed his claws after what seemed like an eternity of walking. "We're here," he said. ... Continue